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NON UCC Template


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  2. Peace!! I agree with the energy you put out,too led individuals in the right direction....that's Peace!! I don't know what a non ucc I just want to check it out! My focus now, is too come up with the 1500 ...I believe your due diligence is on point!! I just bought some other secured creditor package, it doesn't mention about no injunction or non UCC!! I feel like all that energy trying to get that money up to get it(the SC package) and it's not even worth it, because looking at your information!! That's life....thanks for your 1500 dollar secured creditor package aka sovereignty!! (just sending it too the universe correctly God) Peace & Blessings!!!

  3. Peace to the Gods, Salam my and Thanks to the Ancestors, I'm looking to obtain the webinars on the non-ucc whhere do I go from here,I have my Birth Certificate Authentication and Notarize ,which is DVD or CD seeking help.