Trust and Freedom bundle

New Non UCC Webinar Template Non UCC Trust Webinar Part 1,2, and 3 w/ temps Cheat Sheet


  1. Is it possible to get a list of Contents of the package?

  2. Jonah, what are the contents in this Bundle. I don't want to purchase items over again.

  3. Peace to the God!
    Good day Jonah, can you advise which one shows how to do the Trust. All I have done and still no one explains like you do. My sis did webinar 9 billion lien she is getting it. We have the 98 and a few other papers. please let me know, soon I will have Spain Citizen. I intent to go private. Thanks for you time.
    Georgina Perez

  4. Im also confused but on careful observation of the nuances I think the Trust Bundle includes the 98 declaration of trust pt.1, 2 & 3
    Also It appears that the NON-UCC webinar may be the same as the 98 Declaration pt.1 webinar
    I bought the Trust bundle & just spent over 3 hrs. downloading & reviewing the files in order to give them proper Title & Sequence & Im still not completely sure but thats the best I can tell so would be rill nice to get them labeled consistently. On careful review of the timestamps & other nuances it also appears that pt.1 was on saturday March 17 2018, and pt. 2 says Sunday 2018 so probably was from March 18th & then pt. 3 was on sat. May 5th 2020 & pt.4 which does NOT come in the bundle (I purchased pt.4)is dated Sat. August 15 2020, so they do appear to be chronological.